Build Your Limousine

You can purchase your limousine immediately from our available stock or order one to be built and save 20% off the standard price. When requesting your limousine to be built there are a few different options available - simply choose the one that works best for you.

Standard Specifications

build-your-limo-glasses First you can select from our list of "off-the-shelf" specifications which describe the level of appointment that you desire in your vehicle:

  • Current standard MLF specifications in either Alabaster White or Jet Black exterior paint colour:
    a) C-Class "Classic" - timeless style
    b) E-Class "Elegant" - premium deluxe

Once you have chosen your specification level, you just need to decide what length of stretch you require (6ft - 1800mm or 8ft 2350mm) and then manufacturing can begin! While there is some flexibility in colours and materials for the interior finishing, for the most part, the major decisions have been made for you. This option is the fastest and easiest to get work on your new limousine under way.

Custom Build

The other option is to have us create for you a Total Custom Limousine. Here your imagination can run free as you help design the limousine of your dreams! To help you along with this process please see our Design Considerations page and then fill in our Comprehensive request form. Once the form has been submitted one of our friendly team consultants will be in contact to further discuss your requirements in detail.

Or, you can simply call us now and let us know how we can help you today!