Why buy a More Limousine?

More Limousines is New Zealand's first and only specialist stretch limousine manufacturer - a local company offering local support and providing top quality limousines at a realistic price.

Any potential limousine operator needs to ask themselves some basic questions about their vehicle which will help determine whether or not their business will be a successful one:-

  • How much does it cost - will it repay it's investment?
  • What are the running costs - is it economical?
  • How much does it cost to maintain - is it reliable, what about parts, maintenance and servicing?
  • Is it desirable - will it impress clients?

When considering a new limousine purchase in NZ there really are only a limited number of options to choose from. When crafting a new vehicle here at More Limousines, decades of experience have honed our processes and techniques to ensure the very highest quality inside and out. We are sure that we can provide the best value for the highest quality available.

The MORE advantage

European Style

  • We are the Number 1 limousine manufacturer in NZ - limousines are what we do. We know the issues, from top-class structural integrity to how to get beautiful body and roof lines. Our quality derives from years of experience.
  • Great looking models using our recommended source vehicles - European styling and smooth lines make for extremely elegant shapes.
  • We recommend NZ-sourced vehicles so servicing and maintenance issues are minimised - no waiting for days or weeks with your car off the road while expensive parts are shipped from overseas.
  • We custom build to your requirements - so you get what YOU want.
  • Less risk and less hassle - no worries with exchange rates, importation rules, Left to Right hand conversions or compliancing.
  • Built to last - our cars are safer, complied to stricter NZ standards than is required of imported vehicles. We exceed international safety specifications.
  • Better value - from fuel economy to service and maintenance costs, our limousines provide among the lowest running costs available leading to a better ROI.

When you purchase from us you get More than just a Limousine.

For new operators we provide:

All this adds up to a better value and better business sense, meaning you can be more competitive in the market. Why go anywhere else?

  • Information on how to start and run a successful limousine business
  • How to obtain the required operatorís Passenger Service License
  • How to obtain the required driverís license endorsement
  • Operator training -how to provide great service to your clients!

For new and existing operators as part of our loyalty program we also offer:

  • Central marketing support through the More Limousines brand
  • Web presence and links from our central website

Come and talk to us, or call to discuss what you need - our aim is to work together to create success.