Source Models

More Limousines, the pinnacle of modern day VIP grand touring.

Each new More Limousine is crafted from a standard vehicle upon which we base our design and incorporate your unique specifications.

If a distinctive point of difference in the market is what you are looking for, then we can stretch virtually any make and model of vehicle with suitable weight and engine rating.

Of the more than 300 limousines our team has built previously, we have stretched:

  • Rolls Royce,
  • Jaguar,
  • Jeep Cherokee,
  • Ford Falcon & Fairmont,
  • Holden, and
  • Toyota, even a minivan!

We also have plans in place to stretch the popular Chrylser 300C and Ford Territory among other vehicle types. Contact us to discuss your order today!

Source Vehicle Criteria

Source vehicle selection is integral to the overall success of the finished limousine and, for the limousine operator - your business efficiency. While we can stretch virtually any make and model of vehicle some vehicles are more suitable than others to balance the power to weight and axle loading of your desired length of stretch. Depending on the intended length of stretch some engine and/or axle enhancement may be required for a few vehicle choices.