Ford Limousines

Ford Falcon is More Limousines preferred standard vehicle model upon which we base one of our new stretch MLF specification limousines. There are a number of reasons for this.

Why Ford...

Over our many years of design experience we have found that Ford sedans provide the following profound benefits to our owner/operators:-

  • Sleek Looks & Modern Styling:
  • The Australasian-bred Falcon has distinctive European aerodynamic styling, which generates that instant stretch limousine recognition while setting it apart from common American-styled traditions.
  • Serviceability:
  • As with any vehicle a limousine must be well maintained to retain its looks and remain in good working order. By using a vehicle that is readily available on the New Zealand market, parts and servicing need not be a concern to our owner/operators.
  • Reliability:
  • The 4.0L straight six 'barra' engine in the Falcon range has been in production for many years and has earned a well deserved reputation for reliability. We expect under normal conditions these vehicles will still be going when 200,000 or even 300,000 km of use rolls around the clock.
  • Power & Efficiency:
  • The Falcon engine provides plenty of power for the job at 190kW. It is also renowned for its pulling power in the low rev range (383Nm @ 2500rpm). All this while maintaining a healthy fuel-efficiency of 10.9L/100km.
  • Comfort, Quality & Value:
  • The Falcon range has steadily improved over the years to the extent that the comfort and quality levels for drivers when combined with More enhancements for passenger enjoyment adds up to a package that allows our customers the best limousine at the best price.