Design Considerations

More Limousines offers vehicles in a variety of configurations based on the following main criteria:

Length: this is the actual length added to the base vehicle (in other words the amount of stretch), and among other things determines the passenger seating options available. We can offer almost any size but the standard lengths are 6, 8, 10, & 12 feet (1800, 2350, 3048, 3658mm).

For example: a 1800mm stretch would typically provide a seating configuration of front and rear facing seats which allows for up to 6 passengers in the rear compartment.

A 2350mm stretch opens out the possibilities of design and allows up to 8 passengers in the rear compartment.

Exterior Paint: choose traditional limousine colours in high shine Alabaster White or Jet Black. Or, for that added pizzazz you can pick from a wide range of custom Metallic and Candy paint colours.

Appointment Level: here the imagination can run wild and the only real limits are time, available space and of course money!

Typical options to consider are:

  • Interior detailingelegant-champagne-bar
  • Bar unit style
  • Audio/Visual entertainment system
  • Textiles and Materials to use
  • Flooring
  • Lighting

These might be influenced by the major themes:

Wedding/Formal, Executive, Party, Touring

More Limousines
currently offers two main appointment classes:-

    1. Classic: ? Mirrored cocktail bar unit ? Quality leatherette upholstery
    ? 12 exterior Opera lights ? Quality sound system
    ? Raised exterior light panels
    ? LED interior mood lighting
    2. Elegant: ? Deluxe champagne bar unit ? 5.1 Home Theatre sound system & DVD with full HD video

    ? 12 exterior Opera lights ? Multi-coloured LED interior mood lighting
    ? Contrasting exterior light panels ? Interior roof detailing with ceiling mirror
    ? Ruched panel Leather seating ? Chromed grille and accents

    Feel free to browse our Interior Options gallery for more ideas and examples from previous projects.