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You don't have to be in the specialist wedding car or limousine transport business to make the most out of a limousine purchase. All it takes is some thought and a little imagination - check out some of the ideas below.

Wedding and Party Planners

Are you already booking limousines or other transport for your events? Do you want to be in a position to offer this obvious service to your clients? You already have an advantage with your customer so why let that revenue go to someone else? Impress from the first meeting by turning up in a stretch limousine, show what you can offer and use it as an incentive in a package deal - there are many advantages to owning your own limousine. Talk to us about it today.

Wedding and Function Venues

You already have the venue and the guests, but they have to get there somehow! As one of the first places a prospective couple comes when organising their big day - being in the position to offer a super luxury limousine service as either an extra, part of a package deal or even a sweetener gives you a tremendous advantage in getting a booking over the line. They will be impressed by the elegance and style of the vehicle and you will be taking one extra worry off their minds. Even if not dealing with a wedding, business or conference guests can just as easily be transported and in far more luxury and style than other modes of land travel.

Other Wedding-related Businesses

Besides the planners and venues, many other wedding-related businesses can benefit by enhancing or expanding product offerings to include limousine services, provide package deals, etc. Be the first in your area to pick up the advantages - and the customers!

Hotels, Lodges and Spas

Many places offer a mini-bus or shuttle service, but that's just not the same. Let clients be swayed by the lure of a chauffeur-driven luxury limousine. It can add much more to the value of the business than simply the cost of the vehicle itself.

  • pick up important guests in style
  • attract clients by offering value-added service for pickups and transfers
  • distinguish yourself from your competitors
  • park out front and create an image that conveys luxury, quality and exclusivity
  • make an eye-catching mobile advertising board

Tourism Operators

  • offer luxury and style - not a bus or mini-bus
  • provide a value-added service to your customers
  • promote your unique business with a special promotional vehicle - we can create one for you - talk to us about how we can help.

Any Business Wanting An Eye-Catching Promotional Vehicle

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Promote or enhance your business with a limousine or one-off promotional vehicle.

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