New Management

new_managementAfter 25 years and building around 300 limousines in New Zealand, Darryl Whiting decided it was time to adjust pace with a view to future retirement and more opportunities for travel & holidays with family and the grandchildren. He also wanted to ensure his loyal clients and future customers can continue to look forward to more exciting developments in quality limousine manufacture in years to come.

After a long process of selection, in December 2010, original owners Darryl and Rose Whiting sold their Mt Maunganui business to limousine enthusiasts Darryl Chong and Rae Williams. The sale brings about some exciting changes and developments for both the business and the families involved. While the new owners handle the day-to-day production and administration, Darryl and Rose keep an active hand in the business through Darryl Whiting's continued consulting role as Lead Product Designer.

For more information about obtaining one of our luxury limousines, please contact Rae Williams or Darryl Chong.

More Limousines NZ Limited, trading as "More Limousines".