About Us

Welcome to the More Limousines website.falcon-bf2

We design and build world-class custom limousines in New Zealand for New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Unique value and quality. When it comes to crafting a new stretch limousine nothing is considered ordinary, each fastening, every body line, each weld and every single component is hand-picked or designed, tested and then re-tested to ensure that you will have the very best there is in value, quality and parts availability anywhere.

Agile development. We recognise the need to be different when crafting your luxury stretch limousine, to always be more than one step ahead of any competition, to have and be without doubt the leading edge in the market place.

More Limousines - More than just Limousine Builders!

Lean manufacture. Drawing on 25 years of production methodology we maintain a boutique sized studio-factory that is extremely effective and highly specialised to construct your luxury limousine to exact specifications, while maintaining a competitive price-structure as compared to other international limousine makers.

More Limousines - Uniquely positioned to accommodate your custom requirements.

25 years of Experience. With a long history collectively in the limousine industry the production team at More Limousines has a clear understanding of the issues that limousine operators face. Our vehicles embody quality, reliability, style, comfort and value to ensure that the highest service standards and operator profitability are easier to achieve.